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Thunder Rumbles With Intensity As They Seek Western Conference Lead

March 28th, 2014 10:04 pm

The 2013-2014 season has been the season dominated by the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Oklahoma City Thunder have won the first three contests played against the San Antonio Spurs. It is true that the Spurs are gunning for the Western Conference lead and their season record speaks for itself, but the Thunder’s home court advantage and Kevin Durant’s shooting streak are two obstacles that will be next to impossible to overcome for the Spurs.

During the 2013-14 season, the Oklahoma City Thunder have successfully defended their home floor at least 17 times against Western Conference opponents during regular season play. It will be a hard fought contest, but the Spurs will have a long trip back to San Antonio after being trounced by the home team. During the last three prior meetings, the Spurs have played with spunk, but they were unable to pull out the wins.

The San Antonio Spurs rely on outside shooting and on their opponents’ slouchy play to pick up turnovers. The Spurs are not well known for their defensive ability to stop sharpshooters like Kevin Durant. If the Thunder and Durant are having a good night, the Spurs will most likely be on the short end on the scoreboard.

Durant is on track to match Michael Jordan’s record of 40 straight games with more than 25 points scored. He has already scored 25 or more points in 30 straight games, and has racked up 54 points earlier in the season against the Golden State Warriors.

Kevin Durant has been receiving most of the press so far for the Thunder, but  it is worth mentioning that Kendrick  Perkins, Thabo Sefolosha, and Russell Westbrook have been battling injuries during March.  These three are key cogs in the wheel that churns out Thunder victories. Watch Durant’s NBA Live Stream matches online and follow your favorite NBA teams via legal basketball live streaming found at sportstreaming24.

It seems that The Thunder staff have determined that the guard position needed a boost, and they have added depth to the roster in that spot by signing a 10-day contract with Mustafa Shakur who returns from the NBA Development League after being named NBA D-League Player of the Month for February.

Historically, the Thunder have not fared well against the Spurs.  The Spurs have won 84 games out of the 152 played by the two teams. This statistic includes the Thunder’s time in Seattle, known then as the Supersonics, while the Spurs have won almost half of the games against the franchise located in Oklahoma City, winning 12 of 21, but 2014 is proving to be different than the norm for the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Thunder are winning when they should not and losing when they should not. Most recently, the Thunder were defeated by the Mavericks on March 16, 2014, a feat that has not occurred since January 2, 2012. All of this proves that on any given night, any team that takes the floor can win.  However, when the stakes are highest, the Thunder rumbles and plays with unmatched intensity.  The upcoming game against the Spurs will be the series finale for the 2014 season, and it will no doubt be a nail biter. The fans are sure to be on their feet and hoarse by game’s end.

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A Brief Guide of Manchester

September 26th, 2013 7:48 am

whats on in Manchester is a question every traveller wants to know. It’s home to one of the greatest football clubs in the world Manchester United and one aspiring football clubs that would love to be, Manchester City. It’s the second largest city in the United Kingdom and is affectionately know as the city of happiness and those that visit will not be disappointmented as its surrounded by exquisite architectural buildings that have stood for many years. The city tells its own story through buildings and only by taking a trip down its streets can one get a full understand of it’s magnificence. There are so many landmarks and gothic buildings, designed by the worlds leading architects it is no wonder millions of visitors flock there every year.

Manchester is endowed with beautiful places to visit. To get around I recommend purchasing a travel guide and map. The transport system is very well organised and you can get pretty much anywhere very cheaply through the trains, trams and buss network.

Various travel companies organize trips for visitors to see a whole list of different attractions. First, one should decide on his/her particular interest. Some of the areas to visit include the Imperial War Museum, the Old Trafford Football Stadium, which should be the first option for football lovers. Art lovers, on the other hand, should stop at the Lowry at Salford Quays. This place has the largest collection of original paintings by the famous L.S Lowry. There is also a theatre there where you can see any number of plays, comedies and music.

Eating out in Manchester is another great thing to look forward to as part of the overall experience of your trip. The city has many great food joints, but to be on the right track confirm with your travel guide to find out whether there are any with specific offers on which are clearly the best places to try first. If money is not a problem then some of the best eating joints include; Micheal Caines at Abode, the French, Aubaine, Australasia, Room, Second Floor Restaurant and others. Most of these restaurants can be booked online and your reservation taken care of. If you want to get the most from what’s on in Manchester you shouldn’t end there. The Printworks is an entertainment centre and should be in your ‘must see’ areas. The Place, as its known, opened back in the early 2000 and has everything to offer for those who love partying.