Whether you have an expansive backyard or a small courtyard, you can transform your outdoor space with the right fences. A vinyl fence offers a wide range of design possibilities without the maintenance and upkeep of wood or metal. Plus, a durable vinyl fence is resistant to weather and fading.

The first consideration when choosing a fence color is the look that goes with your home and landscaping style. White vinyl is still the most popular color, and it can blend into almost any house colors and landscape styles. However, a white fence can show dirt more easily than some other color choices.

Another great option is tan, which has the appearance of being lighter than white yet doesn’t show dirt as readily. Tan fences are also sometimes described as clay, khaki, or adobe vinyl. Depending on the manufacturer and shade of gray, you can find vinyl fencing that looks just like a painted wood fence.

A white picket fence can add a touch of charm to any yard. A combination of traditional elegance and modern durability, this style can be used to enclose a pool or patio area or to keep pets safe in the yard. The addition of wrought iron accents enhances the visual appeal of this fence, which is available in a variety of heights and finishes.

An appealing and eye-catching way to create a sense of enclosure in a courtyard or backyard is to use a brick or paver patio as the base for the living area. This helps to clearly define the seating and cooking areas while still providing access to the garden or lawn. A brick patio also provides a level surface for walking or entertaining, and pavers are a cost-effective alternative to other flooring materials such as wood or stone.

For an elegant, yet affordable, option for a semi-privacy vinyl fence, consider this style from your local fence company in Milwaukee. It offers privacy without the cost and hassle of a wood fence, and it’s also available in a wide array of attractive colors.

In the same way that wood can be enhanced by the application of stain or paint, so too can vinyl fences be improved with decorative details. For example, the curved edges of this stair-step fence are made more distinctive by using different sizes and a repetitive pattern of shortening and lengthening posts.

A more subtle way to make a fence more distinctive is by adding accents such as this gate with its rounded arches and carved detailing. The use of different sized post caps on the gate and fence adds to the interest of this piece, which is also available in a wood-grain version.

A vinyl fence can also be enhanced with lighting to brighten a dining or sitting area at night. String lights hung at varying levels can create a warm and inviting ambiance, while adding safety for late-night guests who might be strolling through the yard. Low voltage lights can also be used to highlight walkways or add a soft glow to a water feature or tree. For more detail on vinyl fence visit https://www.milwaukeefencecompany.net/.